Election 2024

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We have two classes of membership -

1. Individual Members - Martial artists who want to get more involved with the industry, Stay up to date on all the latest changes and have your voice heard clearly by our leadership.  $10 annual membership fee.

2. Club/Organisation Members - This level is for those clubs who are actively competing at our events. This membership level will give you the inside story on all things happening in our industry, as well as give you full voting rights on changes to our competitions. Not to mention you will gain access to the industries best insurance package to protect your students. As well as free spectator passes to our events as a coach. Annual club level membership fee is $100

Nominate for the 2024 Election


Nominator / 2nd

I Declare:

  • I am 18 years of age,
  • I am an active participant in the Martial Arts,
  • I am an individual member of the National Sport Karate Australia or I am the representative for a club member,
  • I have no conflicts of interest, I am not a board member of another martial arts sporting organisation,
  • I am prepared to take on the responsibilities of a director of an entity limited by guarantee as outlined in the corporations act 2001,
  • Nothing in my background would prohibit me from holding the position of director of an entity limited by guarantee

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